Use Team Building Games to Promote Teamwork

While teams can be an effective strategy to help any organization, it does not seem easy. Putting high-performing individuals together doesn’t guarantee that productive work will happen.

Individual performers bring unique values, beliefs, skills, and ambitions. These differences frequently clash.

Some employees are resistant to teams. Many individual performers lack the competence to work with others. So, you ought to be very careful.

But you can learn simple and easy ways to build teams.

Let me tell you about Ana’s experiences.

Ana is a manager of a manufacturing company in Santa Rosa, Laguna. She’s been in the company for ten years. She has participated in as many team-building events sponsored by the company to “make people happy.”

During the pandemic, the company opted not to conduct another team-building event.

The team learning programs she attended were all fun-filled. Most of the team-building providers offered “silly” games. Some employees look forward to events as they can see places and enjoy time away from work.

However, some feel that team building does not really do anything good for the organization.

People do not trust each other, and even while playing games, they accuse other teams of cheating. They don’t share information even with their teammates.

Though people are very much involved in playing games, there is very low engagement at work.

Covid-19 was a great challenge to the organization. Some team members felt left out. They are anxious about their future in the organization.

Ana thinks building a team is very important. But she does not want the same-old crazy games. Playing games without a compelling and clear purpose does not work.

The story of Ana is true for many managers. And even during the pandemic, they found team building to be a puzzle.

Tug o war
Tug O’ War is an exciting team. But it is more of strength than teamwork.

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