25 Team Building Venues in the Philippines

When we plan team building one of the things that come to mind is the venue. Most organizations and businesses usually think of two places they could do their team building; workplace, and out-of-town.

Workplace. If they have an office that can accommodate and create a fun environment, offices could be a good venue, but not the best. Offices are a good choice if you want to spend less.

Out-of-town. These are the venues that are outside the workplace. There are venues that can be expensive but if you plan ahead you could land the best deal!

These venues outside have ready accommodations and spaces that invite participants to relax and enjoy.

There are many venues you could tap into to hold your organization’s team building, some of these are hotels, resorts, beaches, camps, and many more.

In this article, I list 25 Team Building Venues you can consider:

Team Building Venues

  1. Phillip’s Sanctuary Eco-recreational park
  2. Camp Tipolo Adventureland
  3. Quest Adventure Camp
  4. San Rafael River Adventure
  5. Crystal Beach Resort
  6. Club Punta Fuego
  7. Club Balai Isabel
  8. La Virginia Leisure Park and Amusement Resort Batangas
  9. Lima Park Hotel Batangas
  10. Graceland Estates And Country Club – Tayabas Quezon Province
  11. Camp N
  12. Eagle Point Resort
  13. Bakasyunan Resort and Conference Center
  14. Stilts Calatagan Resort
  15. Casa San Pablo
  16. Gratchi’s Getaway
  17. Glamp Zambales
  18. The Manor at Camp John Hay
  19. Falcon Crest Resort
  20. Inflatable island
  21. Vista Venice Resort
  22. Camayan Beach Resort
  23. Caliraya Resort Club
  24. Matabungkay Beach Resort and Hotel
  25. Blue Pavilion Beach Resort

Phillip’s Sanctuary Eco-recreational park

Website: https://www.phillips-sanctuary.com/

Philip’s Sanctuary Eco-recreational park is a venue of tranquility. A good place for reflection and team building. Here you can spend with nature while building skills through game obstacles. If you are a nature lover and want to relax while having fun, this venue indeed will welcome you with open arms because of its accommodating environment.

Camp Tipolo Adventureland

Website: https://camptipolo.ph/

Camp Tipolo Adventureland is a venue that is best for adventure and team-building. It offers a variety of activities for everyone to enjoy. The camp offers a holistic approach to personality development and various team-building tools for students, corporate professionals, and individuals seeking new heights of adventure and extensive learning.

Quest Adventure Camp

Website: https://www.questadventure.ph/

Quest Adventure camp is a venue where you can enjoy the bliss of nature and the challenge it offers. This is a place where any kind of event could be held. They offer so much fun because they are facility-ready. Their 11 hectares make sure you got a lot to create and build in your team. They offer an environment open for team development and self-discovery.

San Rafael River Adventure

Website: http://sanrafaelriveradventure.com/

San Rafael River Adventure is a venue where the serenity of nature will hug you. It can accommodate you and your team to an experience of recreation and relaxation. This venue is also facility-ready for any kind of activity that your team needs.

Crystal Beach Resort

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/crystalbeachresort/

Crystal Beach Resort is a venue where it speaks to its name, because of the crystal-like water of the beach. There are also other facilities you could use to pass time; beach volleyball, table tennis, billiards, surfing, kayaking, massage, and many more.

Club Punta Fuego

Website: https://www.clubpuntafuego.com.ph/

Club Punta Fuego is a 5-star hotel venue where you can relax and have fun. Its scenic and accommodating atmosphere will help you put on a zen mode.

Club Balai Isabel

Website: https://www.balaiisabel.com/

Club Balai Isabel is a venue to relax, connect, and be with nature right on the shores of the world-famous Taal Lake, across from its volcano. Club Balai Isabel combines an active lifestyle with the conveniences of city living. It is only fifteen minutes from the Tagaytay ridge and provides a close-up view of the lake and its world-famous volcano. Its amenities and facilities make it an excellent choice for holidays, corporate events, and special occasions.

La Virginia Leisure Park and Amusement Resort

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/lavirginiahotelandresort/

La Virginia Leisure Park And Amusement Resort is a venue that is budget-friendly, same to Club Balai Isabel, you can also see here the Taal lake. They have zipline, wall climbing, and archery.  Here the ambiance is nice that set a mood for reconnection and relaxation.

Lima Park Hotel Batangas

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/LimaParkHotelph/

Lima Park Hotel is a venue that is also budget-friendly and has 10/10 customer service. This is a good venue for events as there are many options and there are gardens everywhere. 

Graceland Estates And Country Club

Website: http://www.gracelandtayabas.com

Graceland Estates & Country Club is a venue with a lavish 11-hectare development inside a 22-hectare property. A fantastic place to unwind and have fun with your team. There are numerous activities. You can jog or take a brisk walk on more than one hectare of the lagoon, and there is a mansion for large functions. Fishing and boat rides are permitted on the lagoon. There are also activities such as mountain climbing and obstacle relay.

Camp N/Nuvali

Website: https://www.nuvali.ph/play/camp-n/

Camp N in Nuvali is a great place to unwind and reconnect with your team. Its outdoor adventure serves as a platform for self-discovery and team development. The Adventure Tower, free fall, wall climbing, and rappelling facilities are among Camp N’s thrill-seeking and skill-building amenities.

Eagle Point Resort

Website: https://eaglepointresort.com.ph/company-outing-venue

Eagle Point Resort is a great place to play and establish teams. A white beach could provide a scenic and energizing view. The resort has game rooms with billiards and table tennis. They have activities such as a kayak race and a scavenger hunt. Individual members of your team can benefit from therapeutic massages, diving or snorkeling excursions, and private island hopping tours.

Bakasyunan Resort and Conference Center

Website: https://www.bakasyunanresort.com/

The first Bakasyunan Resort and Conference Center is located in Tanay. It is situated on 15 hectares of forest land. It’s a natural scene where you can admire nature’s beauty, relax in its calming ambiance, and play with your team and reconnect. The second one is located in Zambales. It is a fun resort on a 5 hectares property in front of a wonderful beach.

Stilts Calatagan Resort

Website: https://www.stiltcalataganbeachresort.net

Stilt Calatagan Resort is a place where you and your team could choose your own adventure. They have any equipment needed for aqua sports, such as banca, banana boat, and kayak. They also have activities like scuba diving and snorkeling. They also have ATV Trail Adventure, Biking, and Volleyball.

Casa San Pablo


Casa San Pablo called their place a “house of stories” because it gives space to recharge your spirits through the uplifting power of stories. This place unleashes inner creativity because of the ambiance it gives.

Gratchi’s Getaway

Website: http://www.gratchi.com/

Gratchi’s Getaway is a venue that is a 4 hectares paradise where you can relax and have fun. Its natural features are best for any kind of event. Here you and your team can experience the agro-farm resort, where you can harvest what you’ll eat.

The Glamp Zambales

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/theglampzambales/

The Glamp is a place you can camp with sophistication and style. It brought the fun of camping and the comfort of a luxury hotel. The spacious green outdoors will not only relax you but can be a great place to build teams.

The Manor at Camp John Hay

Website: https://campjohnhay.ph/

The Manor at Camp John Hay will offer you the embrace of Baguio and its wonderful old-world charm and elegance. You and your team could visit many attractions near to this venue.

Falcon Crest Resort

Website: https://www.falconcrestresort.com/

If your team wants to experience nature at its best, Falcon Crest Resort got your back. With this spacious place and activities like rappelling, ziplining (slide for life), rope courses (rope traverse, multivine, rope labyrinth), and cargo net, you and your team will not only can connect but will also have a chance to have fun.

Inflatable Island 

Website: https://www.theinflatableisland.com/

Inflatable Island is like a fantasy island where you can play and enjoy bouncing. It is a floating playground! You and your team will enjoy to many attractions this place has.

Vista Venice Resort

Website: https://www.vistavenice.com.ph/

Vista Venice Resort is the ultimate getaway, because of its full package fun. Here you and your team could be adventurous or just chill. They have rappelling, Bungee Jumping, zipline, kayak, jetski, and the water breaker. They also have a butterfly garden! The white beach and crystal water will give you an embrace of zen.

Camayan Beach Resort

Website: https://www.camayanbeachresort.ph/

Camayan Beach Resort is a naturalist’s paradise. It’s a peaceful outer bay where forest and beach meet. Here adventure with your team will be memorable, they have scuba diving, snorkeling, horseback, hiking, and a game room.

Caliraya Resort Club

Website: https://calirayaresortclub.com/

Caliraya Resort Club is a venue where you could do so many activities with your team! This place with the 7.6-hectare green landscape atop the Caliraya mountains is ideal for unwinding and developing deeper relationships. They have Slide & Fly, Giant Swing 101, Free Fall, Wave Pool, and Sky Bicycle. They also have function rooms and table games.

Matabungkay Beach Resort and Hotel

Website: https://matabungkaybeachhotel.com/

Matabungkay Beach Resort is a venue where you and your team could enjoy serenity and sunsets. They have function rooms where you could do any conference, training or team-buildings. They have a spa, sports center, archery, outdoor chess, aqua sports, and many more.

Blue Pavilion Beach Resort

Website: http://bluepavilionresort.com/

You can take in the beauty of the ocean at Blue Pavilion Beach Resort. They facilitate group activities such as volleyball, swimming, tug-of-war, sack races, and other games that are ideal for corporate team-building outings.

If you want to conduct team-building think about and learn more about these places. Of course, we are not gatekeeping this list; there are many venues out there that could be regarded as gems. After all, this is the Philippines, and this country has a lot to offer in terms of stunning locations to visit.

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