How The Power of Teamwork May Help Filipino Companies Grow

Something great happens when there is teamwork. For example, the bayanihan of Filipinos demonstrates the power of teamwork. It can change a community.

In this article, I will dig deeper.

You can use this to encourage your team to value teamwork even more.

What is Teamwork

There is teamwork when a group of people collaborates and combines their strengths, it is the process of working together in a group to achieve a common goal.

Mcdonald’s brothers, the Caktiong family, the Wright brothers, and learned how to make dreams can come true through the power of teamwork.

Teamwork is the basis of all successful ventures we could ever think of.

Watch the video about teamwork and the two powerful concepts that teamwork has.

3 Signs a Team Lacks Teamwork

Team members must know that they are all interdependent with each other and each idea and differences are not a hindrance to thriving for success.

There are 3 Signs supervisors and managers should be aware of to know if a team lacks teamwork.

1. Failure to recognize a common goal
2. Mistrust
3. Lack of communication

1. Failure to recognize a common goal

Every team must have a common goal, that calls for “everyone to sing from the same song sheet.” Failure to recognize a common goal leads the team to confusion and creates more problems in the future.

2. Mistrust

We all know that Trust is difficult to gain and extremely easy to lose but a very essential element for a company to succeed. A team that harbors mistrust may develop a bad reputation for sabotaging one another.

3. Lack of Communication

Open and honest communication is a characteristic that a team should have in order to have a healthy working environment. A lack of communication leads to insufficient team knowledge, frequent conflict, low employee self-esteem, and ineffective teamwork.

If you notice these signs in your team, don’t wait until they destroy each other and the business.

Build Teamwork Skills

To counter the lack of teamwork, management must help on improving the teamwork skills of their employees.

Teamwork skills enable an individual to collaborate, communicate, and cooperate. It is a character who aids in how someone handles various situations professionally and with empathy.

How to improve Teamwork Skills

  1. Get Honest Feedback
  2. Be a team player
  3. Resolve conflict quickly
  4. Communicate well
  5. Know the common goal
  6. Encourage trust
  7. Stop complaining
  8. Be an active listener
  9. Share your enthusiasm
  10. Be reliable

The Power of Teamwork

Teamwork is indeed an important ingredient if an organization and businesses want to taste success. Its power pushes overall team performance to the highest level because it combines the strength and abilities of each team member to create a path that leads to success.

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