Start the New Year with Team-building

The new year is a time for everyone to celebrate and reflect on the previous year’s events. This is when the family gets together to enjoy each other’s company. The feeling of warmth and love pervades houses and even on the streets!

Speaking of ‘each other’s company’—- a new year is also an opportunity to assess performance and structure strategy for companies/businesses from all over the world!

This is the time to set new goals together with your whole company. 

But, before we get too far ahead of ourselves, we must remember what it’s like to be on holiday. Admit it or not, our minds are actually in vacation mode, and making meetings and getting employees to plan for the year with a boring meeting is ruining the fun, and we don’t want that, do we?

That is why it is best to begin the new year with Team-building!

Now, let me get this ahead with you. For starters, most believe team building is just about playing games and learning about some superficial common sense wisdom. I agree with you on that one. However, this is due to several factors: first, the facilitators may not be professional enough to build a proper program for your team; second, they did not strategize with you on how the program should be; and finally, you may not have a clear goal, so you simply let the facilitators do whatever they want. Whatever it may be, these are some of the reasons why team building becomes cringe or should I say a waste of time. 

But how about I tell you what team-building should be for a new year plan for companies and businesses?

  1. It should be interdependent on the year’s goal
  2. It should be fun but learning focused
  3. It should be a place to build momentum
  4. It should be output-based
  5. It should be breaking through

It should be interdependent on the year’s goal

The facilitator’s activities should be in line with the company’s goals for the year. The alignment of activities to the goal makes team building reasonable and necessary for informing company members about the vision that they will be working on for the year. The importance of clearly communicating the goal to the members will have a significant impact on productivity and the feeling of belongingness to the company. 

It should be fun but learning focused

As previously stated, vacation causes people’s minds to wander. So, instead of ruining the mood and pressuring team members to go through the process of mindless listening and reviewing, why not use the mood for team building? Team building is about having fun while also learning and contributing.

It should be a place to build momentum

Team building should be a place to build momentum while having fun. To do so, we must use activities to boost team morale. It is paving the way for them to accelerate their productivity.

It should be output-based

Team building should not be about winning, but rather about the output that the team produces through the activities. Yes, it is good to put some challenge on beating one another but it will ruin the reason for doing the team building in the first place. 

It should be breaking through

Lastly, team building should create a boost for everyone to see the vision and learn that they can do things best together. Doing so will help the team breakthrough. 

To conclude,  if you want to make a plan for the whole year better, team building is a good way to start a new year.

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